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This website is designed to help promote the use of architectural gabions. If you wish to buy gabions online please visit Permathene New Zealand. For many years we have been pioneering the use of attractive and functional gabions made from Galfan and Galvanised steel mesh.

Being of welded mesh and a solid construction these gabions are more aesthetically pleasing than woven mesh which can sag and look uneven. Depending upon the type of rock used a gabion wall can function as either a decorative feature or a retaining wall (if you're wanting to build a retaining wall you must check with a qualified engineer to ensure the wall is stable and will function as required).

Our civil engineers can assist you in some aspects in the design of your wall or feature. If you're wanting a cleaner look you may decide to use "C" rings (spaced every 150mm) instead of spirals.

How modular gabions work


A gabion structure can be either decorative or functional or both. Properly constructed gabion walls can provide privacy and sound proofing or retain a sloping site. To turn them into design features introduce curves, grow trailing plants over the top, or arrange the rock in an artistic fashion.

  • Architectural gabions are generally used to enhance landscape.
  • Gabion walls are hand made and are designed for a specific site so gabion walls can be unique.
  • A complimentary rock colour or pattern can be used.
  • Gabion walls can suit many environments from native landscapes to rustic style gardens, courtyards and tropical locations.
  • If you are building a home or a garden and you have rock left over, use it to fill gabion walls.

Useful Information


Kitset gabions are a quick and simple method to build a gabion wall. Using spirals to connect the welded mesh panels and stiffeners for reinforcement.


If your gabion wall is continuous you can save money by using single panels. This is because you don't need to join two cages (panels) together so one panel on every cage can be eliminated.