Gabion cages are built fairly quickly as follows. Photos are based upon a 1m x 1m x 1m gabion basket (the same method applies to all size cages). This cage is based on 6 panels of 1m x 1m, 12 of 1m long spirals and 8 stiffeners.

Tools needed: 2 heavy pliers for bending of wire.

  1. Take a 1m x 1m panel and join it to another 1m x 1m panel using a spiral.

  2. Bend the top end of spiral over using the two pliers (see photo), this will stop the spiral from unravelling. Continue this until the cage is complete minus the lid.
  3. Using the 8 stiffeners, place at corners half way down. Stiffeners should be used in each corner, approximately 300mm from top and bottom. If making a 2m long cage you will also need a centre panel (baffle), use stiffeners on this also. The ends of the stiffeners can be closed using pliers.

  4. Place cage on prepared base (suitably compacted and with geotextile such as a Syntex Nonwoven underneath) and fill with rock. Lid is secured by lacing remaining spirals.



Gabion rock is very heavy so allow for 2 tonnes of rock per m3 (a single 1m x 1m x 1m basket).


The type of rock you choose can be from basalt for retaining walls to sandstone or broken brick for decorative gabions. You may also use a combination of different stones to give an effect. See some of our photographs in the projects section for ideas.